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Kestrel, in partnership with the University of Exeter,

is the only UK organisation offering a whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking.

Read Exeter University’s study into the impact of a whole-school approach here.


A Whole-School Approach to the Teaching of Thinking

Kestrel is a founding partner of
Thinking Schools International

Thinking Maps® is a language, or tool-kit of eight thinking process maps, developed by Dr. David Hyerle. They focus on the development of the eight fundamental cognitive processes and are introduced to students as tools for reading and writing, content-specific learning and for interdisciplinary investigation. (Read more) Attendance at this course will accredit participants to train other teachers in their school. Places on this course are limited. To book please call 01793 771506 or email

Some fifty Welsh schools have taken a whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking. This work will undoubtedly contribute to the development of ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives, which is one of the four pillars of Successful Futures. This conference will provide an opportunity to hear about their experiences and to take part in several practical worksshops.
To book please call 01793 771506 or email

Amnuay Silpa is the leading bilingual school in Thailand and in 2013 was accredited by Exeter University as the First Thinking School in Asia. As the hub of excellence in the thinking approach, we are able to provide excellent professional development opportunities for those successfully appointed. The school is currently seeking Primary Class Teachers (EY, KS1, KS2) and a Secondary History Teacher 

  • Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools LumiBook - A UNIQUE and ESSENTIAL resource- produced on the award winning cloud platform (LumiBook) this multi-media resource contains everything you need to know to become a Thinking School ..indivdual licence only £40.00 or £799.00 for a school-wide licence....Order resource and find out more
  • Our work has expanded beyond the UK and there is much more information to be seen, including access to free resources, at
  • *Thinking School Accreditation* Congratulations to the following schools on recently gaining Thinking School Accreditation from the University of Exeter
    - Heathlands Whitefriars Federation, Harrow
    - Hillcross Primary School, Morden, London
    and the following schools have recently achieved ADVANCED Thinking School Accreditation
    - Sedgefield Community College, Co. Durham
    - Monnow Primary School, Newport
    - Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
  • For further information on Kestrel Consultancy and Training click here.
  • To join (at no cost) the Network of Schools Working towards becoming a Thinking School click here.
Visual Tools Train the Trainers Courses

Visual Tools/Thinking Maps two day Train the Trainers courses

Strood, N.W. Kent - 24th & 25th Feb 2016

To book, email Clare or tel: 01793 771506


See a sample chapter from the Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools Lumibook